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Who we are?

Only the best option on foreign trade.

Grupo Duaners


Grupo Duaners is the only solution that can be thought when it comes to international trade projects, with over 20 years of experience, we are of the few companies that handles all kinds of goods in different customs traffics and regimes. Specialized in the area and the most diverse experience throughout the area of ​​customs, tariff classification and staff regulations.


In Grupo Duaners we are committed to providing solutions that enable your company to continue operating without the need to worry about following up on their issues of foreign trade. The confidence of many clients over 20 years of experience back to Duaners as one of the really efficient and effective solutions in a wide range of goods in different customs traffics and regimes.


With the best staff, highly specialized and experience in the field of customs, tariff classification and regulations, we are confident that we are the only option in each operation, with the guarantee that you get what you need in a timely manner and to the point where required.




Our mission is to provide effective solutions for the entire spectrum of international trade and customs in Mexico, covering with each of our business divisions all the needs of any client, creating an unbreakable bond of trust that reaffirms each operation.

+52 1 (722) 385 19 04

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