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Customs Offices in ESCAPE, our commitment is to provide the best care in their foreign trade operations, for this we have highly qualified personnel and customs agents who are involved in each of its import or export operations.


In the technical area, our staff are trained to handle any phase of operation you find yourself doing and even to pay all kinds of ancillary services relating to procedures, recovery bounce, negotiations with government departments and commercial projects, while we provide tranquility and confidence that their shipments are being served quickly and efficiently.


Let us become strategic partners, by providing the service of our staff with extensive experience in customs operations, supported by a management system for speed, quality and service, making imports and exports a reliable and flexible process.




Provided through our experience, a customs clearance of goods quickly and efficiently by applying existing laws, allowing our customers to increase their competitiveness through on-time deliveries. Always.




Being one of the best companies in the operations of international trade, to contribute to growth, economic development and sustainability of our country.

+52 1 (722) 385 19 04

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